Published Articles

Ginot, E. (1997). The analyst use of self, self-disclosure, and enhanced integration. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 14, 365–81.

Ginot, E. (2001). The holding environment and intersubjectivity. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 70, 417–46.

Ginot, E. (2007). Intersubjectivity and neuroscience: Understanding enactments and their therapeutic significance within emerging paradigms. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 24, 317–32.

Ginot, E. (2009). The empathic power of enactments: The link between neuropsychological processes and an expanded definition of empathy. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 26, 290–309.

Ginot, E. (2012). Self-narratives and dysregulated affective states: The neuropsychological links between self-narratives, attachment, affect, and cognition. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 29, 59–80.

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